The Kitchener 1916 Project looks back 100 years to the year Berlin, Ontario renamed itself “Kitchener.”

The Great War was in its second year, prohibitionists claimed local option victories, suffragists campaigned for the vote, and food—prices, production, and preservation—impacted daily life. Newspapers carried war despatches and reports from Ottawa’s and London’s war offices, interspersed with the usual mix: foreign uprisings and revolts, Canadian political doings, shenanigans, celebrations, and other odds and sods of the day.

As these clashes waged on, the small Canadian city of Berlin, Ontario, played host to a different battleground. Canada’s old German Capital’s roots ran strong and deep and therein lay an issue or two.

Each post in the Kitchener 1916 Project looks at local, national and international issues, while keeping an eye on issues that impact the hearth and home. Posts include a period(ish) recipe and a translation for modern cooks.

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