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24-30 Mar 1916: Men, men and more men!

Spring comes to Alert City The ice broke on the Grand River, Robin Redbreast made his first appearance, and a young red fox trotted into town (he was quickly enlisted as the 118th Battalion’s mascot); all hopeful signs Berlin, Ontario’s cold, snowy winter would soon end. The city’s renaming contest was in its final days, with […] Read more…

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18-24 Feb 1916: With voices raised

Prioritising and Hydro Radials The radials project chugged along, and Berlin, Ontario hosted an important meeting to discuss the nitty-gritty of the project.  Sir Adam Beck tried to temper the gathering’s expectations and placed the project into the grander context of government priorities: “It is our duty to strain every effort to clothe and equip and […] Read more…

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28 Jan – 03 Feb 1916: A tempest in a teapot

In the days before Britain’s Military Service Act received royal assent, our political leaders assured American counterparts the new Act had no bearing in Canada. We ran our own show and still believed patriotic young men would willingly step forward for King and Country. Unrelated to this, Militia Minister Sir Sam Hughes informed Canadians of […] Read more…