David Insixiengmay’s Nam Khao

David Insixiengmay’s Nam Khao (Lao crispy rice salad)

A hub fo the local Lao community When Bounneung and Sengdeuane Insixiengmay opened Kitchener’s Lao-Thai Super Store in 1991, in many ways, they couldn’t have been farther from their homeland. In Laos, they lived their lives against the backdrop of war. It was a reality they left about a decade earlier, with Sengdeuane’s brother, by crossing the Mekong on a tire and landing in […] Read more…

Andrei Feher’s salam de biscuiţi

Andrei Feher’s salam de biscuiţi (Romanian chocolate salami)

Conductor’s grandmother knows best when it comes to food Andrei Feher stands at the conductor’s podium, his back to the audience, his music stand set low. His body moves from large lush sweeps to small staccato shudders. He swoops forward and pulls back.  What the audience doesn’t see are the 28-year-old’s raised eyebrows, widened eyes, […] Read more…

Kristine Mather’s Risalamande

Kristine Mathers’ Risalamande (Danish rice pudding with warmed sour cherry sauce)

Helping Danish Canadians connect with their roots Taking over a beloved cultural institution could intimidate some. But not Kristine Mathers, her brother  Jacob Beck and his partner Joanne Moyes. Building on their parents’ legacy at The Danish Place in Puslinch was a challenge to be met head-on. [continue reading this article and get the recipes […] Read more…

Anna Ekiert’s Bigos

Anna Ekiert’s Bigos (Polish Hunter’s Stew)

Keeping Polish heritage on the table In 1940, Franciszek Kobus and his 17-year-old daughter, Janina, travelled from their Polish village of Miernów to the ancient red-roofed market town of Wiślica. Invading German troops prowled the small town’s streets. What the Kobuses went in to buy, no one remembers. [continue reading this article] Read more…

The Al-hendis’ Syrian shish taouk on charcoal and tabbouleh

The Al-hendis’ Syrian shish taouk on charcoal and tabbouleh (Syrian chicken kabobs with parsley salad)

Syrian family’s shop a cultural gathering spot Bashar Al-hendi remembers Damascus in the 1990s as having a vibrant and modern downtown, universities where there was a mixture of social classes, and a feeling of inclusiveness.Yet he and his brother, Ammar, were 20-year-olds brimming with dreams and ideas, focused on fresh starts and exploring opportunities away […] Read more…

Carolina Miranda’s Moqueca and Rice

Carolina Miranda’s Moqueca and Rice (Brazilian fish stew and rice)

Food in my family has always been sacred When Carolina Miranda was about eight or nine, she announced that one day she would move to a country more than 9,000 kilometres from her Brazilian homeland – Canada. “I just remember a growing feeling. My parents always bought us magazines like National Geographic, so I think […] Read more…

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