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Carolina Miranda’s Moqueca and Rice

Carolina Miranda’s Moqueca and Rice (Brazilian fish stew and rice)

Food in my family has always been sacred When Carolina Miranda was about eight or nine, she announced that one day she would move to a country more than 9,000 kilometres from her Brazilian homeland – Canada. “I just remember a growing feeling. My parents always bought us magazines like National Geographic, so I think […] Read more…

Potatoe Puffs with Cod -

07-13 Apr 1916: Of plug hats and tweed caps

240 men in three weeks The local military recruitment committee’s aggressive “700 men in three weeks” campaign limped to an end. The 118th Battalion’s numbers stood at 735 men—short of the desired 1000. The previous 21 days’  tonal shifts seemed to track to the waves of interest in the crusade. It began with optimism when […] Read more…