Chocolate Cake -

14-20 Jan 1916: Have you mothered a MAN?

Parliament re-opens Freed of most of the usual frills and fanfare, the new Canadian Parliament’s session opening was also freed of Prime Minister Borden, who was too ill to attend. When he addressed the MPs, Canada’s war contributions front-and-centre, from the bumper crop of wheat to the steady stream of munitions. He also echoed Militia Minister […] Read more…

Mulligatawny Soup -

7-13 Jan 1916: Coo-ee! Coo-ee! Coo-ee! Berlin!

They came from the land down under For days, Berliners prepared for the arrival of a group of touring Australian Cadets making their way through Canada and the US. They were part of their fledgling nation’s land defence, which required males aged 12-26 to take universal training, something onlookers at other stops noted and seemed […] Read more…

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